Locating Boy Scouts of America Perpetrators Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

If you were abused by a Scoutmaster or Scout leader, we want to help you. Jeff Anderson & Associates has experienced Boy Scout lawyers who have worked with survivors of abuse by Scoutmasters, scout leaders, and other volunteers of the Boy Scouts of America. If you decide to take action your privacy will be respected and your identity can remain confidential throughout the entire process.

Boy Scouts “Perversion” Files

From the 1920s to present day, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has maintained an internal filing system of scout leaders accused of misconduct, including sexual abuse. The “Ineligible Volunteer Files” (IV Files) constitute five categories, including sexual misconduct, a.k.a., Perversion Files. These Perversion Files illustrate the knowledge that the BSA has about the history and context of sexual abuse of children within scouting. Significantly, Courts have ordered the release of these files as part of numerous court cases throughout the country. In fall 2012, the Perversion Files from the years 1965 to 1985 were made public.

As experienced Boy Scout sexual abuse lawyers, we are dedicated to exposing more predators within the Boy Scouts of America throughout the nation and bringing justice to those seeking healing and hope in their path toward recovery. In January 2013, in the case of John Doe 180 v. The National Boy Scouts of America Foundation et al., a Ramsey County District Court Judge ordered the release of the Boy Scouts of America’s confidential Perversion Files from 1999-2008. That production amounted to the release of 1539 IV Files.

Boy Scouts IV “Perversion” Files Database

Use the search bar below to locate the basic information and the IV file of a known perpetrator of sexual abuse who has volunteered as a Scout leader, Scoutmaster, or other role within the Boy Scouts of America. Search by name, location, year of service or troop number, or view all perpetrators.

Name Troop # City State Year Document

This table contains information from and links to download publicly available BSA IV files. It is updated as new information becomes available and should not be considered comprehensive.

You can also visit our scoutabusefiles.com microsite to search the database using an interactive map (Google Chrome or Firefox recommended).

Scout Masters & Scout Leaders Accused of Sexual Abuse By State

As experienced litigators and child protection advocates, Jeff Anderson & Associates is dedicated and capable of handling the most complex legal issues in courts across the United States. Our work has enabled us to make positive changes in how our legal system handles child sexual abuse cases. With offices in Minnesota, California, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois and Pennsylvania, an co-counsel across the country, you can be confident that our team has the knowledge, skills, and capability to guide you on your journey toward accountability, justice and healing.

Click a state from the list below to view a list of known perpetrators of child sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts who were active in that state. To locate perpetrators in states not listed below, please use the Boy Scouts IV “Perversion” Files Database above or visit our microsite scoutabusefiles.com.