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SEP 18 2017

Cook County Judge Dennis Porter recently ruled that convicted child molester and former priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Daniel McCormack, is a sexually violent person.  For him to be declared a sexually violent person, prosecutors had to prove, that after previous convictions of sexual violence, McCormack has a pedophilic disorder and will reoffend again.  While speaking directly at McCormack in the courtroom, Judge Porter said, “I have no reasonable doubt that you will engage in future acts of sexual violence.” The Chicago Sun Times recently reported the news of the ruling...

AUG 17 2017

On Friday, August 11, 2017, Gov. Rauner signed a law eliminating the criminal statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. We applaud the survivors who stood up and spoke out to get the law changed. The new law recognizes the importance of taking child sexual abuse seriously and acknowledges that victims of child sexual abuse need more time to come forward.Studies have long showed that victims of child sexual abuse are not able to come forward for years after the abuse. Often, victims are groomed by offenders who have a powerful hold on victims and their families. Other times, victims face s...

AUG 15 2017

In the past few weeks, the Taylor Swift “groping case” has populated headlines. Aside from the Grammy Award winning singer’s trial, this week’s headlines also covered the Catholic Church “scandal.” When words such as “groping” and “scandal” are used in place of sexual assault and sexual abuse, we need to call it out. If we do not call it what it is, we only perpetuate this horrific crime. Naming sexual violence is the first step in shining a light on this enormous problem. Sexual abuse is not a scandal, it is an act of violence. Sexual assault is not about sex; it is about power and control.

JUL 28 2017

Since October of 2016, survivors of sexual abuse by clerics of the Archdiocese of New York have been able to participate in a voluntary and confidential compensation program called the IRCP or Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program. Originally, the deadline for participation was set at July 31, 2017.  THE DEADLINE FOR CLAIMS AGAINST THE ARCHDIOCESE OF NEW YORK HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 1, 2017.

JUL 24 2017

There is immense sorrow and tragedy in the death of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington by suicide last week. But perhaps Bennington’s life, death and the attention they received will empower other male childhood sexual abuse survivors to speak out about their own abuse and get help. Bennington was publicly open about being sexually abused as a child and how the abuse tormented him. He shared that he used drugs and alcohol excessively to try to cope with the abuse trauma. His raw, intense singing style and often dark lyrics now seem to have directly telegraphed how haunted he was.

JUN 29 2017

On Thursday, Australian police announced their decision to charge Cardinal George Pell with “historic sexual assault offenses.” According to Victoria Police, Pell is facing multiple charges involving multiple complainants. Cardinal Pell is the third-ranking official in the Vatican and is the highest-ranking Roman Catholic prelate to be charged with sexual assault. As the former Archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne, Cardinal Pell has been accused of covering up child sexual abuse and has been under fire since the royal commission was ordered to investigate clerical sexual abuse in Australia in 20...