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Jun 30, 2010: Press Conference: California Man First to Sue Vatican After U.S Supreme Court Refused to Hear Foreign Sovereign Immunity case against Holy See

Press Conference Today Wednesday, June 30, 2010 – 1:00 P.M. Pacific [Omni Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles]   California man first to sue Vatican after U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Foreign Sovereign Immunity case against Holy See   Alleges cover-up of sexual abuse by high Catholic officials in the Vatican, superiors in the Salesian Society and Bishops affiliated with the high school in Bellflower   The priest, Father Titian Miani, was known to have sexually assaulted students at a Native American boarding school in Canada, in Italy, and also in the California

Mar 25, 2010: Press Conference: Records Obtained by St. Paul Law Firm Implicate Pope

Attorneys will discuss long-hidden Catholic Church records obtained by a Minnesota law firm in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin case and then filed in the United States District Court in the case of John V. Doe vs. Holy See (State of the Vatican City)and highlighted in a page one story in today’s New York Times. The Documents seriously undermine the Pope’s credibility by revealing that the Pope and top aide kept 150 sex allegations vs. predator secret in 1998, and rebuffed 3 bishops who wanted the pedophile priests ousted.

Jan 06, 2010: Press Conference: Judge Seeks Financial Restitution for Child Porn Victim 

Victims, therapists and activists applaud novel move
Judge seeks financial restitution for child porn victim 
Illicit pixs of her at age 8 are among “most widely circulated” ever
Advocates hope that greater awareness of new federal law will help
Making kiddie porn cost, not pay, is best way to deter such crimes, groups say
Holding large graphs and photos at a news conference, an expert, a therapist, an attorney and an abuse victim will
— praise a St. Paul judge for his unprecedented move to try and get financial restitut