New York Victims of Gender–Motivated Violence Can Act Under New Law

If You Are a Survivors of Gender-Motivated Violence, You Are Not Alone. You Have Rights

If you are a victim of gender-motivated violence, we want to help. The Jeff Anderson & Associates team of lawyers, legal professionals and trauma-informed advocates has spent 38+ years helping survivors reclaim the power taken from them as children, expose perpetrators and cover-ups, and provide justice, accountability, and compensation from Catholic dioceses and religious orders across the country.

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How Can the Gender-Motivated Violence Law Protect Victims?

The Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law, or GMVA, was enacted by the New York City Council in 2000 to provide survivors of gender-motivated violence with a case of action in state court.

After seeing the success of both the New York Child Victims Act and the New York Adult Survivors Act, the New York City Council decided to open a two-year civil window called the reviving claims under the GMVA that had been previously time-barred.

The two-year window, which opened on March 1, 2023, will allow survivors of gender-based violence to use the civil courts for justice, even if the statute of limitations previously expired and no matter when the abuse took place. Individuals will have from March 1, 2023, to February 28, 2025, to take legal action under this law.

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You Are Not Alone. We Are Here to Help.

It’s time for justice. It’s time for you to share your story safely and confidentially. It’s time to lay down your burden and reclaim some of your power. It’s time to expose those who hurt you and make sure what happened to you never happens to another kid. It’s time to take action under the New York Child Victims Act.

Before making a decision concerning such serious and sensitive matters, we encourage all survivors of child sexual abuse to consult with legal counsel before proceeding with a claim. We want to help you find accountability and healing. We will stand by you. We will fight for you.

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