If you were sexually abused as a child in New York,


Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of Rochester

There are nearly 350,000 Catholics within the Diocese of Rochester, which has 90 parishes and 18 Catholic schools spread throughout twelve counties, including Monroe, Livingston, Wayne, Ontario, Seneca, Cayuga, Yates, Tompkins, Schuyler, Tioga, Chemung and Steuben.

As of 2018, more than 30 priests, clergy, and employees of the Diocese of Rochester have been publicly accused of child sexual abuse. Although the Diocese has never offered a survivor compensation program, clergy sex abuse survivors can seek justice for abuse suffered within the Diocese of Rochester through the New York Child Victims Act. We urge all survivors to seek legal counsel prior to taking action.

Diocese of Rochester Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

On September 12, 2019, the Diocese of Rochester filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after being named as a defendant in dozens of clergy sexual abuse lawsuits filed since New York’s Child Victims Act took effect a month prior. Historically, organizations such as Catholic Dioceses have used Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a shield to prevent jury trials and allow the institution to continue business as usual while maintaining its secrets. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a liquidation bankruptcy process in which the debtor, the Diocese, maintains control of its business and property while the court supervises its restructuring and the implementation of a plan to repay creditors. The creditors in the Diocese of Rochester consist mainly of individual survivors of sexual abuse by priests or other employees of the Diocese.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy does change what survivors can do under the New York Child Victims Act, but does not close the door to justice and accountability. An important part of this process provides that the court set a “claims bar date,” which is a date marking the deadline by which all survivors must formally file a claim with the court called a “proof of claim.” After the claims bar date, a survivor could be denied any sort of recovery from the Diocese. The bankruptcy court has yet to establish a claims bar date but we expect the court to do so in the coming months.

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Clergy accused of child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Rochester.

The list below contain the names of clergy who were assigned within or working in the New York Diocese of Rochester who have been accused of sexual misconduct. While lawsuits were filed involving many of these alleged perpetrators, the vast majority of the claims against these individuals have been settled or have not been fully evaluated in a civil or criminal court. Accordingly, the allegations should be considered just allegations and should not be considered proved or substantiated in a court of law.

All individuals should be considered innocent until proven guilty. In some situations, the statute of limitations has expired preventing cases from being heard in a court of law. The information contained herein is an attempt to compile information already available to the public including information obtained from the media, www.bishopaccountability.org, the Diocese’s public statements, lists and reports that were released to the public, and other sources that have attempted to chronicle this information for public use.