Child Sexual Abuse in Los Angeles Unified School District

The Los Angeles Unified School District [LAUSD] is the second-largest school district in the nation and serves over 600,000 students enrolled in over 1,000 schools. Well over 70 sexual assault lawsuits have been filed identifying LAUSD employees under the California Child Victims Act.

A child abuse reporting section on the LAUSD website states, “All District Employees, with actual knowledge or reasonable suspicion of child abuse/neglect, shall report instances of suspected child abuse or neglect, by telephone immediately, or as soon as practically possible.” Yet, due to the concerning past of LAUSD, we are certain this policy has not been adhered to.

According to the National Education Association, data from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights found there were 9,649 instances of sexual violence from  2015 to 2016. From 2017 to 2018, that number increased by 55% to 14,938.

If you, or anyone you know, was abused while enrolled in the Los Angeles Unified School District, contact us confidentially. 

Included below is a list of LAUSD employees accused of child sexual abuse and identified in lawsuits available to the public. The current whereabouts of some of these alleged perpetrators and whether they have access to children are unknown, and this list is not comprehensive. If you or someone you know has information regarding these alleged perpetrators, contact law enforcement immediately:

William Alexander

Terry Bartholome

AJ Galloway

Tracey Mandell

William Clyde Allen

Edilberto “Eddie” Garcia

Eugene Ireland

Robert Kill

Robert Marquez

Peter Moya

David Lee Scott

Joseph Blakeney Brown, Sr.

Dennis Jenkins

Gary Letherer

Edgar Munoz

Nicholas Gonzales

Janette Lopez

“Los Angeles Unified School District has a notorious history of hiring, and harboring perpetrators of child sexual abuse.  We hope by exposing perpetrators in lawsuits filed under the California Child Victims Act, children and students who participate in LAUSD will be protected in the present and future.”

Listed below are schools in the LAUSD that Jeff Anderson & Associates have identified in lawsuits. This list is not comprehensive. If you, or anyone you know, has experienced sexual abuse while enrolled in one of these schools, or any public or private school in California, contact us confidentially today: 

If you experienced sexual abuse by an employee or volunteer while participating in school, please visit our school section or contact us to explore your rights.