Helping California Survivors of Sexual Abuse at Epiphany Catholic School & Parish

If you were abused by a priest, teacher, coach, or staff member at Epiphany Catholic School, South El Monte – we want to help you.

Epiphany Catholic School and Parish, located in South El Monte, California, was established in 1959 and serves students in pre-school through 8th grade. Epiphany School was operated by the Bernardine Sisters of St. Francis and Lay personnel until June of 2000.

From 1958 to 1992, numerous priests accused of sexually abusing children were assigned to and worked with children at Epiphany School:

Fr. Hunt, who died in 1984, was accused of sexually abusing a female while he was assigned to Epiphany School and was included on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ list of clergy accused of sexually abusing minors. Fr. Hunt was also a prominent member of the South El Monte community and had such an impact, the community named a street after Hunt in his honor. Advocates and concerned community members have attempted to remove the sign through a petition, but no action has been taken by the city of South El Monte or the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

California Child Victims Act

On January 1, 2020, the California Child Victims Act (AB 218) opened a three-year window for California child sexual assault survivors of any age to file claims against their perpetrators and the institutions responsible for the abuse, no matter when the abuse occurred.  If you were sexually assaulted as a child in California, it’s time to take legal action, begin healing and help make California safer for children today.

You Are Not Alone. We Are Here to Help.

It’s time for justice. It’s time for you to share your story safely and confidentially. It’s time to lay down your burden and reclaim some of your power. It’s time to expose those who hurt you and make sure what happened to you never happens to another child. It’s time to take action under the California Child Victims Act. Before making a decision concerning such severe and sensitive matters, we encourage all survivors of child sexual abuse to consult with legal counsel before proceeding with a claim. We want to help you find accountability and healing. We will stand by you. We will fight for you.

privacy, or remaining anonymous, you can learn more about that in our Questions & Answers section on our website.

Clergy Accused of Child Sexual Abuse at Epiphany School and Parish:

The list below contains the names of clergy who were assigned within or working in Epiphany School and Parish who have been accused of sexual misconduct. While lawsuits were filed involving many of these alleged perpetrators, the vast majority of the claims against these individuals have not been fully adjudicated in a civil or criminal court. Accordingly, the allegations should be considered just allegations and should not be considered proved or substantiated in a court of law.