Will I Have to Pay Any Legal Fees for a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

You can contact us for a free, confidential consultation. After this confidential discussion, if we determine that we can help you pursue a legal claim for the child sexual abuse you suffered and you wish to retain us as your attorneys, we will discuss in further detail the contingency fee agreement for your individual case.

What Does “Contingency” Mean?

Depending on the state where the case may be filed, many attorneys who work on a contingency fee basis collect the fees for their work at the end of the case based on a certain percentage of the monetary recovery. The percentage of the contingency fee varies and if you have specific questions about this, one of our attorneys can speak with you confidentially and explain in more detail what this means.

When My Case is Settled, Will I Get a Bill?

The specifics of your fee arrangement will be discussed confidentially with the attorneys working on your case.

Experienced attorneys, such as ours, will also have the ability to guide and coach you through the process. Contact us to learn more. It’s commitment-free and 100% confidential.

I Have a Previous Bankruptcy, Pay Alimony, or Have Mounting Debt. How Will This Affect My Case?

Each of these situations can have a different impact on your potential case and the potential impacts vary by state. Because each of these situations can have varying impacts, it is critical information we need to be aware of in order to fully evaluate your potential case and effectively advise you. We recommend you reach out to us for a free, confidential conversion to learn more about your legal options.

Will Friends or Family Start Asking Me for Money? Do I Have to Tell People I Received Compensation? 

If you decide to remain confidential, no one outside of your legal team and the people you tell will know that you have received a settlement. It is important to note that any information you share with us will be kept confidential. One of our top priorities is always respecting and maintaining the privacy and anonymity of survivors.

If you anticipate problems with family members, a good therapist will help you through the process.

A Lawyer Said that They Would Look at My Case for a Fee. Is That Ethical?

Every law firm is different. Jeff Anderson & Associates will speak with you about a potential legal case at no cost to you. If we determine we can represent you and you want us to be your lawyers, we will discuss a fee arrangement at that time.

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