Boy Scouts of America Perpetrators in Delaware

The following list collects the names and other pertinent information of individuals associated with the Boy Scouts of America who have been accused of sexual misconduct while volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America in the state of Delaware. Click “IV File Detail” to access a PDF of the IV File / Perversion File of a given perpetrator.

While lawsuits were filed involving some of these alleged perpetrators, the vast majority of the claims against these individuals have not been fully evaluated in a civil or criminal court. Accordingly, the allegations should be considered just allegations and should not be considered proved or substantiated in a court of law. All individuals should be considered innocent until proven guilty. In some situations, the statute of limitations has expired preventing cases from being heard in a court of law. The information contained herein is an attempt to compile information already available to the public including information obtained from the media,, the Boy Scouts of America’s public statements, and other sources that have attempted to chronicle this information for public use.

Burnett, Eugene Fred (1970)
Troop 402
Wilmington, Delaware
Bye, Robert N. (1985)
Troop 503
Wilmington, Delaware
Bye, Robert N. (1985)
Troop 527
Wilmington, Delaware
Kissel, Gary Lee (1960)
Troop 103
Dover, Delaware
Owens, Robert (1991)
Newark, Delaware
Robbins, Eric D. (1981)
Troop 255
Newark, Delaware
Smith, Orttis Lloyd (1964)
Troop 22
Wilmington, Delaware
Zimmerman, William D. (1987)
Pack 92
New Castle, Delaware