Boy Scouts of America Perpetrators in Minnesota

The following list collects the names and other pertinent information of individuals associated with the Boy Scouts of America who have been accused of sexual misconduct while volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America in the state of Minnesota. Click “IV File Detail” to access a PDF of the IV File / Perversion File of a given perpetrator.

While lawsuits were filed involving some of these alleged perpetrators, the vast majority of the claims against these individuals have not been fully evaluated in a civil or criminal court. Accordingly, the allegations should be considered just allegations and should not be considered proved or substantiated in a court of law. All individuals should be considered innocent until proven guilty. In some situations, the statute of limitations has expired preventing cases from being heard in a court of law. The information contained herein is an attempt to compile information already available to the public including information obtained from the media,, the Boy Scouts of America’s public statements, and other sources that have attempted to chronicle this information for public use.

Beardsley, David Jerome (1972)
Troop 66
St. Paul, Minnesota
Beck, Irving W. (1966)
Troop 115
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bobrowske, Kenneth John (1987)
Howard Lake, Minnesota
Campina, Arthur Ronald (1989)
Troop 2
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Carlson, Richard Butch (1988)
Troop 113
Bayport, Minnesota
Currie, Richard Eugene (1987)
Troop 25
St. Paul, Minnesota
Froehlig, James William (1982)
Pack 179
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Froehlig, James William (1982)
Troop 179
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gilbert, Robert H. (1984)
Troop 593
St. Paul, Minnesota
Hokanson, Richard (1983)
Troop 210
Rochester, Minnesota
Hopkins, Timothy R. (1989)
Troop 6
Winona, Minnesota
Keys, Donald Leonard (1970)
Troop 18
St. Paul, Minnesota
Kise, Walter (1960)
Troop 36
Moorhead, Minnesota
Knoll, Kenneth J. (1991)
Troop 65
Elgin, Minnesota
Koski, Martin R. (1976)
Troop 293
Minnewasta, Minnesota
Kruse, Wesley A. (1990)
Troop 45
Duluth, Minnesota
Levang, Paul E. (1970)
Troop 212
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
McConahy, Malcolm Willis (1965)
Troop 27
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Melbourne, Patrick Joseph (1987)
Pack 278
Hastings, Minnesota
Messersmith, Robert (1988)
Explorer 3
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Novak, Roger (1979)
Troop 64
St. Paul, Minnesota
Opalinski, Leland (1971)
Explorer 2012
St. Paul, Minnesota
Paech, Manfred Wolfgang (1987)
Pack 3192
Ogilvie, Minnesota
Permar, Bernard J. (1978)
Pack 151
International Falls, Minnesota
Pietz, Floyd Fenten (1983)
Apple Valley, Minnesota
Poncin, Gary C. (1989)
Troop 10
Windom, Minnesota
Repice, Joseph Peter (1990)
Troop 11
Winona, Minnesota
Robinson, Harlow D. (1988)
Troop 3120
Rice, Minnesota
Smeby, Donald (1988)
Troop 365
Crystal, Minnesota
Sufka, Alfred J. (1988)
Pack 13
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Swendiman, Richard Fred (1970)
Troop 216
St. Paul, Minnesota
Sykes, Robert James (1966)
Burnsville, Minnesota
Tancabel, Mark L. (1983)
Troop 247
Chisholm, Minnesota
Voll, Gerhard U. (1980)
Troop 164
Mounds View, Minnesota